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How Much Should Dental Professionals Be Getting Paid?

Ever wondered if you’re making the amount of money that you should be making?

Today on the Blue Glove Jobs blog, we’re looking at Dental Professional’s wages. We’re talking all things money, to let you know whether you’re being paid the amount you deserve to be paid!  We’ll look at Dental Nurses & Hygienists, to Receptionists and practice managers. So if you think that you might be underpaid, it’s worth reading on.


** Disclaimer – these statistics are a guide only**


Dental Nurses

A newly qualified dental nurse can expect to earn anywhere between £17,000 and £19,750. A more experienced dental nurse can expect to earn anywhere between £22,000 to £28,500 annually. As a dental nurse, pay rates are roughly the same regardless of whether you work in and NHS dental practice or in a private dental practice.


A newly qualified hygienist can expect a starting salary of around £22,000 – £26,000. With more experience, a hygienist can earn anywhere between £28,500 and £41,500 every year. This is entirely dependent on levels of experience and qualifications obtained.

Dental Therapist

The starting salary for a dental therapist can be anywhere from £22,000 – £28,500. A highly experienced therapist may earn as much as £41,500. The average salary for a role as a dental therapist is £32,500.

dental professional wages, dental wages, dental nurse wage, dentist wage, pay

Dental Practice Receptionist

Dental practice receptionists can expect to earn at least £21,000 every year. This can rise to around £30,000 depending on the size of the practice, the number of patients and the location of the practice. A practice receptionist in a bigger city can expect to earn more than a practice receptionist in a small town.


A trainee NHS Dentist can earn between £36,000-£45,750 yearly. A salaried dentist will earn between £38,500 & £82,500 yearly. A highly experienced NHS consultant dentist can earn up to £102, 500 every year. Self Employed dentists could earn between £50,000 and £140,000 annually. Fully Private Dentists can expect to earn £140,000 annually.  Ultimately, a dentist’s salary is dependent on their area(s) of expertise.

dental professional wages, dental wages, dental nurse wage, dentist wage, pay


An NHS orthodontist can expect to earn around £56, 376. Entry-level orthodontic positions begin at around £40,000. A consultant orthodontist could expect to earn around £100,000 each year. This wage increases for entirely private orthodontists.

Dental Technicians

Dental technicians wages vary. Gross pay can start at around £18,000 a year, rising with experience to between £24,000 and £30,000 year. Dental technician specialists and those with management responsibilities can expect to earn between £27,635 and £37,000 a year. Advanced dental technicians can expect to earn up to £43,471 a year. This increases again for private lab technicians.


So there you have it! A rough guide to dental professional’s wages – like we said, these are just a guide!

But if you’re a dental professional, and you think you’re being underpaid, do something about it! You work too hard!

Are there any other jobs you’d like to know the average wages of, let us know!

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