Your Job Candidate is Assessing You During Their Interview Too.

Interviews are a great way to assess potential candidates when hiring, but they’re assessing you too.

You meet up with your shortlisted candidates, chat about their career so far, assessing their skills and what they can bring to your team but interviews aren’t one-sided.┬áDuring an interview, it’s more than likely that the candidate will be assessing you. To figure out if they want to work for you, work in your environment and with your staff. Today on the Blue Glove Jobs blog, we are looking at the things candidates look out for and how you can carry out the best possible interviews.


Your interview candidate is assessing you, while you’re assessing them.

The interview candidate wants to get to know you, too. They’ll be looking to find out what kind of employer you are and will try to gauge your personality too. Candidates will look at how organised you are, how welcoming you are and the types of questions you ask. They will pick up on things like your body language, how you speak to them and whether or not you give them a good enough chance to sell themselves. If a candidate isn’t impressed, it they’re more likely to reject the job, even if you want them to take the position.

What other things do candidates assess during interviews?

Your job candidate assess pretty much everything, from the moment they walk into the building. They notice how they’re greeted and they scrutinise the working environment. Is it too noisy or too quiet? How do the staff members interact? Is it clean and welcoming? Interview candidates are usually nervous, so naturally, their senses are heightened. You must remember that first impressions count. You don’t want the candidate to have a negative impression of the business before you potentially hire them.


How can I conduct the best job interview?

Interviews are arguably the most important part of the recruitment process, so it’s important to dedicate as much time as necessary to plan for them and carry them out. Fail to plan, plan to fail and all that! We’ve previously written a blog post all about how to carry out the best possible job interview and it’s full of handy tips and tricks. You can read the full post by clicking here.


Had you ever considered that job candidates are assessing you while you’re assessing them? Don’t worry about it! You’re figuring out whether they’re a good fit for you, and they are simply figuring out whether they are a good fit for you and your business too!


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