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Blue Glove Jobs has hundreds of UK dental job vacancies!

Almost 500 professionals have registered their ideal job profiles. This is great for employers as they can easily reach out to prospective candidates. Blue Glove Jobs intends to provide an easy to use service, free of charge, to clinics and agencies. By attracting the best jobs available in the UK, we also attract the best candidates. Its as simple as that. We have the best dental job vacancies across the UK.

Posting a job on Blue Glove Jobs takes a matter of minutes and is so easy. You have your job spec at the ready, so all you need to do is copy and paste!


Of course there are alternatives to our website. For example, you may wish to post your job vacancies on Gumtree for free. However, this is not a specialised job site so your job vacancy may be among plumbers and barmen. It may get lost in General Healthcare so the receptionist position you advertise brings up a lot of unsuitable candidates. also offer job posting and this can have quite good results. However, there is a cost attached to this. Typically, a promoted job post on Linkedin would cost upwards of £70. You could select “Featured Job” on our website for only £45 and be promoted across social media as well having a priority listing.

Building a happy, productive team with Blue Glove Jobs

It is all about reaching the right people at the right time and in the right place. Why advertise your Sheffield dental job vacancies UK wide when you can promote your role through our social media channels in your specific area?

Find your job on Google by posting on Blue Glove Jobs

How do you get your job listed on Google? Easy. List your dental job vacancies on and they will naturally appear on Google. This means that you reach a wider audience who are looking for specific jobs in specific areas. Your dental job vacancy appears on Google whether you have featured your job or not.

Attracting the best talent

How do you attract the best talent? You can read our previous blogs on this subject. In essence, good candidates are drawn to Blue Glove Jobs from our sister website . You can find thousands of dental clinics across the UK on this website. Candidates can read reviews on clinics and find out more about their treatments. This is a great insight for candidates and helps you find the best talent in the UK!

So Blue Glove Jobs really is the best place to post UK dental jobs! You can choose to promote your vacancy, or simply post your dental jobs free of any charge! Start now by posting your first job and see how we perform.

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