Mental health is just as important as physical health. A recent report found that 73 million working days are lost each year due to stress, depression and other mental health conditions but many employers still not take mental health as seriously as physical health. Today on the Blue Glove Jobs, we are looking at why […]

It is estimated that over 50% of the UK workforce will look for a new job in 2019. ‘Why is that?’ we hear you ask. Well, if we’re being completely honest, it might be down to your poor management skills. Today on the Blue Glove Jobs blog, we’re looking at why your actions may be […]

Are Problems Within Your Dental Business Keeping You Awake At Night? Today on the Blue Glove Jobs Blog, Kevin Rose of Rose & Co. is our guest writer. In this guest blog, Kevin shares his insights into taking control of the problems within your business. He discusses how to diagnose them and how to tackle […]

What Are Your Plans for Thursday Lunch Time? Keep your diary free! Blue Glove Jobs are happy to share with you all that CODE Total HR are giving you the opportunity to take part in a FREE Webinar this Thursday (29th November 2018)  all about Managing Staff Performance.   THE DETAILS What: Free ‘Managing Staff […]

Been trying to recruit somebody for ages but just can’t seem to find a good fit? Don’t worry, it’s actually quite a common problem. Almost 30% of job vacancies in the UK are now considered ‘hard-to-fill’. But why? If you’ve asked yourself “Why is Our Job Vacancy Hard to Fill?” this blog post is for […]

Leadership has been the team building buzzword for the past 10 years and now Followership is about to take its place. Never heard of it? Well it’s about to become the next big thing. Today on the Blue Glove Jobs Blog, we’re giving you an overview of Followership. What actually is it? Why is it […]

You’ve probably heard that phrase before, that ‘staff don’t leave jobs, they leave managers’. And we’re here to tell you that it’s true. The number one reason for people quitting their jobs is because of their manager. 75% of people who voluntarily leave their jobs do so because of their boss. No matter how good […]

Turkey lunch? We’ll pass, thanks. Christmas is fast approaching. It’s the time of the year when offices are shutting early to go for a Christmas lunch or Christmas night out. We suspect you’ve organised the usual, either a turkey lunch with a few drinks after, or a boring three course dinner followed by your boss […]

Want your dream dental job? Avoid these 4 things. Searching through job vacancies can be a bit of a tough task. It’s not fun, especially after a hard day’s work.  It’s a daunting task. You read through the specifications and doubt whether you meet them or not. The demand for dental jobs in the UK […]

Today we’re talking why self-care is not just for after work and the weekends. Self care, most simply, is the act of looking after your own mental and physical health. It means different things to different people, and everyone practises self care differently. Today on the blog, we’re looking at how you can incorporate self […]