It’s ok to quit your job. Despite what your employer might make you think. Everyone seems to get nervous when it comes to leaving their job. They worry about approaching the subject with their manager. They worry about writing their notice letter and worry about what other staff might think. Today, we’re looking at why […]

Know someone who loves their job, never has a bad day at work, and always looks forward to their working week? You can be like that too.   It might seem a little mind-blowing, we know. Loving your job might be an alien concept to some people. If you’ve been plodding along in your job for […]

Bad day at work? It happens to the best of us. As much as we’d always love to have a good day at work, it’s not always the case. Sadly, a bad day can leave us feeling defeated, overwhelmed and a bit down.  So today, we’re firing right into our blog post. We want to […]

Feel under pressure at work? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Across the board, workers are feeling the pressure. New studies have shown that the UK workforce is working harder than ever but productivity has started to flatline. Today on the blog we’re looking at the reasons why we’re now under more pressure than ever […]

Ever feel like you’re the only one with the get-up and go attitude? Everyone has bad days. Work isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and sometimes, the motivation can be hard to find. However, if you’re the one who is constantly picking up the slack of your colleagues, this blog post is for you. Today, we’re […]

Struggling to find someone for your vacancy? Don’t worry, most people do find it challenging to attract people to their vacancy. You might have put out what you thought was a sparkling job advert, describing the role and the person/people required perfectly. So why are you getting no candidates through, or getting candidates who don’t […]

Are performance reviews really a thing of the past? It would seem like everyday, someone else is slating millennials. They get a bit of a bad rep, but we think they might be on to something. Today we’re talking performance reviews  – are they still relevant, accurate or worth the hassle? Millennials are very much […]

Are you the person in charge of hiring new recruits for your business? If so, you’re probably in a bit of a routine with interviewing. You’ve skimmed over the CV’s before interviewing. You have a rough idea of the questions you want to ask and you might have even checked out their profile on LinkedIn. […]

Dental Associate Interviews: An Ultimate Preparation Guide: Written with experienced dental practice owners and dental associates. “Dental Associate Interviews: An Ultimate Preparation Guide: Written with experienced dental practice owners and dental associates” is a brand new, innovative book compiled by Dr. Kalpesh Prajapat with a foreward by Dr. Dhru Shah. A factual and up-to-date resource for associate […]

Got a member of staff who is constantly off work? We know that everyone needs a day off of work here and there. Illness, bereavement, or family emergencies can’t be avoided. But what should you do when a member of staff has incredibly high levels of absence? Today on the blog, we’re discussing absence management. […]