Team Building. Making staff’s skin crawl since forever. Team building. Some people love it, but most people hate it. From simple, internal team-building activities to expensive weekends away, companies have been spending time and money on team building for years. And we’re here today on the Blue Glove Jobs Blog to tell you why it’s […]

The Four Day Work Week has been risen in popularity over the past few months. More and more organisations are trialling the new working pattern and going on to fully adopt it. But why has it become so popular all of a sudden? Gone are the days of a Monday-Friday 9-5.  Today we’re chatting all […]

We’ve all been the newbie at work. The first little while in a new job can be pretty daunting. New starts want to impress, soak up information about how to do things and most importantly, get along with their new colleagues. Being the new start can be quite overwhelming so as an employer, it’s down […]

The proportion of female dentists in the industry is set to rise to over 60%, according to new Christie & Co. report. The Dental Industry 2018, a new report from Christie and Co. shows the percentage of female dentistry undergraduates has risen to almost 64%. In today’s blog, we chat about the reasons for the increase of women […]

Want to get your CV noticed by employers? Succeeding in today’s competitive job market depends on a good CV. It’s a dog-eat-dog world when you’re looking for a job. There are hundreds of applications, usually for a single role, where only a handful of CV’s will be considered. Today on the blog, we’re discussing how to […]

Ahhh, work perks. You either have them, or you don’t. Some companies have fantastic work perks, the ones you see in viral listicles about ‘the coolest places to work’ usually with Innocent drinks and Google appearing in said listicles. More and more pressure is being put on employers to provide these ‘work-perks’ which are said […]

Hiring a new member of staff doesn’t need to be complicated. How many times has your recruitment process taken months longer than it should’ve? Have you ever thought you hired the perfect fit for your team and ended up with someone as useful as a chocolate teapot? Offered a candidate a position and they said […]

Did you know that job seekers are 7 times more likely to apply to roles in companies that they feel they relate to? These days, content is king, no matter if you’re looking to sell a product, show off your service or even recruit someone. That’s right, job seekers are hunting out roles in companies […]

It’s ok to quit your job. Despite what your employer might make you think. Everyone seems to get nervous when it comes to leaving their job. They worry about approaching the subject with their manager. They worry about writing their notice letter and worry about what other staff might think. Today, we’re looking at why […]

Know someone who loves their job, never has a bad day at work, and always looks forward to their working week? You can be like that too.   It might seem a little mind-blowing, we know. Loving your job might be an alien concept to some people. If you’ve been plodding along in your job for […]