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Can video replace face to face interviews?

Video interviewing

How does your job advert stand out from the crowd?

Your clinic wants to recruit a new hygienist. You know that hundreds of other clinics are also looking for a hygienist, so hw do you make your opportunity stand above others? Recruitment is now the most competitive it has ever been and it takes something special to attract the right candidates.

Rather than thinking about this new role from the clinic’s perspective, consider how the candidate will find your vacancy and how they will become engaged with the opportunity. What will impress them and what will switch them off?

Like other websites, Blue Glove Jobs has hundreds of dental vacancies. But all appear in the same format and are no more exciting than an episode of Songs of Praise on a rainy Sunday afternoon. However, this is still better than posting your job on some other recruitment sites alongside, plumbers, waiters and car mechanics. So how do you demonstrate how wonderful you and the team are? How do you show how advanced your equipment is?

How do candidates know that your’s is the best clinic to work with?

Simple. The first step is to create a short video that shows your clinic, your team, your working environment. Secondly, write a job spec that you know will appeal to any candidate. Thirdly, set out 5 or 6 questions that your candidates can comfortably respond to by video. Fourthly, be amazed with the response you get from Blue Glove Jobs’ social media and YouTube promotions. A Featured video listing on provides the infrastructure that delivers this functionality, and so much more. For example, you have watched all the video responses and read all the CVs and want to share those with others so as to have a wider opinion. Easy. You want to invite the candidate for a second interview. Easy. You want to decline candidates automatically. Easy.

In short, you have impressed the right calibre of candidates and secured a short list to be proud of. No agency fees, no hassle. And you haven’t even left your office!

The difference between Zoom and Blue Glove Jobs

We have seen Zoom and Teams interviews and of course they may have their place in your recruitment process. However, our process is designed specifically for recruitment in the dental profession. This is the key difference. We edit and present your short video putting your clinic in the best possible light. We take your vacancy live on our website with prominent positioning, we promote your vacancy on social media and YouTube. Interested candidates are then lined up for you to appraise at your leisure. We help with the questions which will assist in pinpointing the best candidate for your vacancy. Our system helps you to accept or decline a candidate for the next stage of the interview process. In all, our package offers so much more than a simple video interview. This is the future of dental recruitment. The future is available to you now.

Proud sponsors of Net Zero Dentistry
Proud sponsors of Net Zero Dentistry