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Relaxed? Confident? Completely at ease? Not the words too many people choose to describe the way they feel when they think about their dentist. Perhaps you wouldn’t choose them to describe the way you’ve felt about the dentist in the past. But this is the way we’re determined you should feel when you visit your local Centre for Dentistry, the bright, modern dental practice inside Sainsbury’s. Our friendly teams provide excellent private dental care in our 24 practices across the country. Visit the dentist with ease as we offer flexible appointment times and a convenient location. A wide range of dental care is available at our practices, from regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments, to dental implants and veneers. We want you to have bright, confident, healthy smile and we want to make the experience of dentistry a positive one for you.

At CFD we are passionate about creating the right environment for our staff and our patients. We look for talented people keen to build a dental career and be part of building a sustainable, caring business. We are “corporate” in the strict definition of the word, but we run the business on the basis that profit is a bi-product of great patient care. For our practices to succeed, it has to start with a great team. If you share these values, apply for a position at Centre for Dentistry today!

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