Why Do Your Employees Leave For New Jobs?

Did you know that 55% of your employees will look for a new job at some point this year?


That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get a new job. But they will look. A recent survey discovered that 55% of employees plan on jumping ship this year. But why? Today on the blog, we’re looking at the reasons why your employees leave.

People Love Progression.

Some people accept jobs knowing that it won’t be their forever career. It’s really that simple. Some people strive to progress continuously and don’t like to settle in jobs.  They might stay in the role for a few months, or maybe up to a year, but they won’t stick around forever. Maybe they accepted the job because they knew it would be a launch pad into something bigger, better or more up their street. Natural progression is, well…natural. Not every employee wants to stick around forever, so don’t expect them to.



Your employees leave because of decreased interest.

It’s completely normal that staff lose interest. It might be down to the employee having a change of heart about their career, or maybe the job has become boring and is causing them to lose interest. Employee retention relies on various factors, but being interested in their work is the most important factor. Without an employee showing real interest and passion for their job, the rest doesn’t matter at all.

The Downside To A Weak Company Culture.

Company culture is incredibly important. A positive company culture can be the difference between having highly motivated employees and a high employee turnover. Company culture helps to create a sense of belonging. It helps to bring employees together. The company culture should be at the heart of everything the organisation does. If it’s lacking, employees can often feel alone, isolated and like they’re just another number.

Money Talks.

One of the biggest, and perhaps most obvious reasons that employees leave is that they would receive a bigger salary elsewhere. Money Talks. Higher salaries are attractive. If your employee is on the same wage they were on two years ago, but have improved performance, have a great attendance record, always strives for the best and has taken on additional roles, you shouldn’t be surprised if they take a new job with a better salary. If you’re expecting too much from an employee but not matching the expectations with an appropriate wage, they’re guaranteed to walk away.

What do you think are some other reasons for people leaving their jobs? Have you ever quit a job? What was your reason?

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