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How To Get The Promotion You Really Want

Is there a promotion on the cards for you?

How long have you been in your current position at work? If you love the organisation you work for, it’s unlikely that you want to leave. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t progress in your career. Today on the Blue Glove Jobs Blog, we’re looking at how to get that promotion, whether you’ve had to internally apply for the position or not.


Be a Team Player.

It’s likely that if you get the promotion, you’ll have a more senior role. More often than not, this means you’ll be responsible for others. That’s why being a team player is vital. Offer to help others with a variety of projects or offer to take new-starts under your wing. Showing that you’re willing to help in different teams is a really good way to get yourself noticed in a positive light. You’ll be recognised for being the employee that people want to work with – which of course is a great attribute.


promotion, promotion at work

Don’t Miss Work.

A pretty obvious one. You might be a fantastic worker, but if you’re prone to taking a sick day, or being late to your shifts, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Life does get in the way sometimes, and we all get poorly and need to take a day or two off. Try taking days off wherever you can and try to be on time for everything. You might not think so, but good attendance shows you’re a reliable and conscientious worker.


Sometimes All You Need To Do Is Ask.

As the age old saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Which in terms of promotion, can be true. Particularly in larger organisations, it can be hard to get noticed. But if you know there is a more senior position available, and you reckon you could do a good job, go ahead and ask for the promotion. It’s one way of getting your name out there in the organisation, and may just put you in contact with those you need to impress to get the position. Internally recruiting can also benefit the organisation because you’ll already know the ins and outs of the company. Some people are embarrassed to put themselves forward for promotions but if you put yourself out there, you might just get what you want! You never know until you try.


promotion, promotion at work

Be Keen To Continue Your Education.

If you show that you’re keen to continue your education, you’re probably more likely to get the promotion. Taking on new roles means you’ll need to learn new things. If you can demonstrate your willingness to learn, even in your own time, it’s likely to impress those that are hiring you. Remaining teachable is a fantastic attribute if you’re looking to get hired.


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