Kevin Rose – Guest Blog: “Leadership, Marketing, Business Issues & The Things That Keep You Awake At Night.”

Are Problems Within Your Dental Business Keeping You Awake At Night?

Today on the Blue Glove Jobs Blog, Kevin Rose of Rose & Co. is our guest writer. In this guest blog, Kevin shares his insights into taking control of the problems within your business. He discusses how to diagnose them and how to tackle them effectively to ensure your dental business is as successful as possible.


Solving Issues in Your Dental Business.

When I first started talking to and working with dentists 10 years ago, one of the common behaviours that I noticed is that practice owners tend to run their businesses like they treat their patients. Dentists are inclined to diagnose and fix the problem there and then. As a dentist, fundamentally it is your training, experience, knowledge and the detailed information available to you, that allows you to firstly diagnose and then fix the problem.

Now think about how you typically solve issues in your dental business. If you are doing so without the information that allows you to make a diagnosis, then of course you may get lucky and solve that issue. However, that strategy is potentially as dangerous as treating your patients with your eyes closed!

  • Your team are ignoring your vision?…spell it out yet again.
  • Gaps in your book?…jump in and do some marketing.
  • Need to change the behaviours of your team?…tell them what do and cross your fingers.
  • Losing your best staff?…stick another 50p an hour on their pay.

The typical list of issues that dental practice owners face goes on and on. In my experience that list hasn’t really changed much in 10 years. If your list of ongoing issues isn’t changing that much either, then perhaps it’s time to look at it from a new perspective?

Before taking action, make a proper diagnosis.  

Those that do discover how to fix the things that once kept them awake at night, haven’t done so without first making a proper diagnosis and that ability to diagnose comes from recognising the importance of stepping back and looking at the issue from different angles.

So, how can you do that? Well, training and getting the right information are one thing but experience and knowledge are time earned. That is why it is worth talking things through with somebody that has the necessary width of perspective and depth of experience to test your thinking, and to contribute towards you making better decisions.

Think about it for a moment, there probably is a business decision that you made recently, that could have been made better. Would it have worked out better if you had had the time and the ability to look at it from different angles?



 Get Insights.

I can’t promise that all of the leadership, marketing and business issues that keep you awake at night will go away forever. However, I do know from direct experience of working with dental practice owners, that there are some fundamentally different ways that those dentists who sleep easily at night are thinking, looking and diagnosing their business issues. It is these perspectives from which you will get insights, and from insight comes new thinking and from new thinking, better business decisions.

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