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LinkedIn Will Now Tell You How Long Your New Commute Could Be

The rise of remote working has many causes, one major cause is that nobody enjoys commuting!

If you say you enjoy running for expensive yet unreliable trains, crammed subways or slow busses, you’re lying.  You roll out of bed and rush to get ready to find out you’ll be late regardless of if you got up twenty minutes earlier. You leave the office at 5pm, looking forward to getting home but there’s travel disruptions…again!

A long commute can make or break your working day.

Maybe your office is a five minute drive away or an easy ten minute walk. Or maybe you’re over an hours drive away, and are all too familiar with the motorway traffic jams. A nightmare journey can put a dampener on your day. No wonder people look for jobs that allows them to work from home. Some people will avoid applying for jobs if they don’t like the sound of the commute, and honestly, we don’t blame them!

long commute, linkedin commute, work, far away job

LinkedIn are looking to give you a heads up…

LinkedIn, the social networking site, not only lets you connect with other professionals, but we all know it’s a great way to find a new job. Whether you actively search for jobs on the site, or whether you check out your weekly job recommendations, LinkedIn, will now tell users how long their commute would be before applying for new jobs. Pretty cool, right? This new feature could save you from hellish commutes!

How do I use the feature?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Log in to LinkedIn, and click on the “Jobs” tab. When you find a vacancy that’s appealing, click on it and scroll past the job description until you see the new section, “See your commute.” From here, all you need to do is input your home address, and LinkedIn will tell you how long it takes to commute to this job’s office by car, train, bus, or on foot. On top of that, you can also input a commuting time to see whether the dreaded rush hour will cause problems for you.

long commute, linkedin commute, work, far away job

How far would you go for a job?

Well, if you had your dream job, we don’t doubt you’d be happy to travel as far as you needed to for it. But, long commutes really can take their toll on our physical and mental health, relationships and family life. A long commute occasionally is fine, but if it’s taking over your life, maybe it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate. Speak with your superiors, can you work a few days from home? Maybe you could switch up your shift pattern? Your health and happiness is more important than making it to a job that you don’t love, that is too far from home.

How far do you travel for your job? Do you dread a daily long commute? What do you think about LinkedIn’s innovative commuting calculator? Let us know in the comments or on our social media channels – we’d love to hear from you!


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