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Four Lunch Time Activities To Boost Team Morale

Does everyone in your office bury their head into their phones at lunch time?

We get it. Lunch time might be the only time in the day you get a chance to sit down. You stuff your face, check your phone, put your feet up or flick through a magazine. Your colleagues pass a few comments here and there.¬†Most workplaces don’t realise that lunch time is a great time for staff to come together.

Today we’re talking about some lunch hour activities that can help bring your team together and boost morale.

Get Up & Get Out.

Lunchtime walking is becoming a bit of a trend. More and more businesses are encouraging it, with some hailing it the meal-time mile. Staff are encouraged to get up and away from their desk, outdoors into the fresh air and walk for a mile. Whether it be round the office building, or a brisk walk around the block, it’s a good team activity.

Why? Well, firstly, exercise is good for everyone. Secondly, fresh air is good for you – it helps your brain re-focus and beats sitting in breathing in office air all day! Thirdly, its nice for everyone to get away from the office, even if it’s only for five or ten minutes – it gives you all something to talk about that isn’t work related. Oh and lastly, you can have an extra biscuit with your cup of tea since you’ve walked it off before you’ve even eaten it!¬†Give it a go, it definitely beats going to the gym after work. Well, we think so anyway.

boost morale, staff morale, ways to boost staff morale

Let’s get quizzical.

Something we love doing here at Blue Gloves HQ is a lunch time quiz. A simple google search for trivia and we’re happy! It can be a really good laugh and helps you boost your general knowledge (always good if the staff night out is a pub quiz!). Who really is the smartest person in the office?! Only one way to find out.

Come Dine With Me.

This one is nice for a Friday lunch! Everyone in the team brings in a lunch time dish that can be shared out among staff. Kind of like an office version of Come Dine With Me. In the staff room, sit out all the dishes and pick away at what’s on offer! You never know, there might just be a closet Gordon Ramsay among you all… or not. There is always Dominos…

Game on.

Connect 4 or Snakes and Ladders anyone? Your lunch hour is a great time to break out the board games. It’s also a great way to spot who is the most competitive member of staff! Maybe not Monopoly though, we’re trying to boost morale here, not trying to cause and office war! Don’t fancy a board game? Bring out a deck of cards for a game of Scabby Queen or Pontoon.

boost morale, staff morale, ways to boost staff morale


How do you boost morale in your workplace?

How do you and your colleagues like to spend your lunch hour? Do you try to boost morale in your team at work? Let us know in the comments below, or chat to us on social media! @BlueGloveJobs!

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