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Poor Management Skills Are Causing Your Staff to Leave

It is estimated that over 50% of the UK workforce will look for a new job in 2019.

‘Why is that?’ we hear you ask. Well, if we’re being completely honest, it might be down to your poor management skills. Today on the Blue Glove Jobs blog, we’re looking at why your actions may be the reason for your staff members leaving and what you can do to prevent it.

Face it, your staff aren’t going to stick around forever.

It’s unusual nowadays for a worker to stick around in the same organisation for years. You don’t see the 5/10/15+ year awards presented by companies as often as you used to. That’s because the average employee stays with a company for 4.6 years. People’s interests change. Some people just fancy a change of career. Others will leave to pursue their own business dreams or to start a family. Your staff aren’t going to stick around forever and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

poor management skills, dental recruitment, blue glove jobs, interview questions


Staff Don’t Leave Jobs, They Leave Managers.

This is something we recently discussed on Blue Glove Jobs. You can read that post here: BGJ Blog “Staff Don’t Leave Jobs, They Leave Managers”.

We would tell you to try not to take offence to this but we understand that it can be hurtful. If you think you were a good manager, fair and offered great opportunities to staff, and then they leave, it’s easy to feel a bit hurt. You have to remember that that’s YOUR opinion of you. You might think you are a great manager, but in reality, you do probably have some flaws too. What your employees think of you is a completely different ball game altogether.

Your Poor Management Skills Are Causing Staff to Leave.

The one factor that let’s most ‘managers’ down is their management skills which is a bit ironic, really. The number one reason for employees leaving is poor management and poor management practices can have a significantly damaging impact on employee morale, engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. If you can’t manage a team effectively, don’t be surprised if it starts to fall to pieces.

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Other than Poor Management Skills, What Else Causes Your Staff To Hand in Their Notice?

Alongside poor management practices, other common factors that employees say caused them to quit their jobs are: bullying, micro-management and feeling trapped or under pressure stay. Others reported aggressive and threatening behaviour from their managers during recent employment. Unsurprisingly, pay is a big factor why people leave jobs, too. So, if you’re expecting too much but paying too little, you should expect your staff to leave too.


Have you quit your job before? What caused you to hand in your notice? 

Let us know in the comments! If you’re in need of a new job in the dental industry, hit the image below to begin your search.

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