quitting your job, quitting, resignation, resignation letter

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Quitting Your Job

It’s ok to quit your job. Despite what your employer might make you think.

Everyone seems to get nervous when it comes to leaving their job. They worry about approaching the subject with their manager. They worry about writing their notice letter and worry about what other staff might think. Today, we’re looking at why quitting your job is totally okay and why you shouldn’t be made to feel bad for doing so.

If your employer makes leaving your job uncomfortable or difficult, it’s probably just as well you’re leaving.

You’re under no obligation to stay in a job forever. You can get up and leave tomorrow if you really want to. You are your own person, you can do what you want. On occasion, employers will make you feel bad for leaving, or try to convince you to stay. If you hand in your letter of notice, or discuss that you’re parting ways with the company and they give you the cold shoulder, it’s probably best that you’re leaving. You shouldn’t be made to feel bad on a decision that is nobody else’s but yours.

quitting your job, quitting, resignation, resignation letter

Don’t let a bad reaction from your employer change your mind.

There’s a reason why you’re leaving. You’re fed up, you need a new challenge, or you’re entering a new field.  You want to grow as a person and in your career. Your employer might not be happy that you’re leaving, but you’ve decided you’re leaving. Don’t let their opinion change your mind. Don’t question yourself. They might try and talk you out of it or make you feel guilty, but do you really want to continue working for someone like that? We certainly hope not! If it’s time for you to move on, go ahead and do it, don’t let anyone stop you!

No bad blood on your part.

If anything, it’s always the ideal scenario to leave a job on good terms. We know that isn’t always possible though. Some employers can make it difficult, but cutting ties isn’t a great idea, you might end up back there one day. You might be made out to be the bad guy for quitting your job, but if you can walk away from your position knowing full well that you’ve been gracious in your exit with your head held high, that’s really what matters.

quitting your job, quitting, resignation, resignation letter

See it through until the end.

Regardless of the situation after you’ve handed your notice in, don’t slack off. See it through until the end. Quitting your job doesn’t mean quitting right away. Work hard in your notice period, don’t stop caring because you know you are leaving soon. Finish your tasks and continue to help others out as you usually would. That way, you’ve covered your own back and know you can leave with the knowledge that you always did what was asked of you.


Have you ever had awkward experiences when it’s come to quitting a job? We’d love to hear your stories! Comment on this post or get in touch with us on social media!

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