Self Care – How To Weave It Into The Working Day.

Today we’re talking why self-care is not just for after work and the weekends.

Self care, most simply, is the act of looking after your own mental and physical health. It means different things to different people, and everyone practises self care differently. Today on the blog, we’re looking at how you can incorporate self care into your working day and why you should.

Go outside on your breaks.

Going outside is an instant mood booster. Fresh air is never a bad thing! If you work somewhere where you don’t leave your office all day, make an effort to go outside on your coffee breaks and on your lunch break. Alone, or with colleagues, get outside and take in some fresh air. Why not walk around the block or eat your lunch outside? This is a great idea especially in the winter months where there is less day light. Vitamin D (when the sun is out) and fresh air are natural mood boosters – what’s not to love?


Stretch often.

If your jobs requires you to sit down all day, you need to take time to stretch. Muscles that aren’t used, weaken and can seize if you’re working in a still, uncomfortable position for extended periods of time. Every time you stand up to get away from your desk, stretch out your muscles. Being continuously uncomfortable can lead to strain injuries. Do your muscles a favour and make sure to keep moving and keep stretching!

Practice self care at work by eating well.

Eating well is the simplest form of self care. It can be hard to eat well at work. Maybe your boss has ordered in Pizza for everyone on a Friday, or someone has brought in home baking. Maybe clients have dropped in chocolates as a thank you. It can be so tempting! Make sure to balance the treats with healthy meals at work. We don’t want you to hit the 3pm sugar slump. A body that has proper nourishment from good healthy foods is more productive and can concentrate better.

Make your working environment as comfortable as possible.

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at work. If you need a new desk or a new chair, ask. Do you think you would prefer a standing work station? ask for that too. If you work somewhere that is too dark, too bright, too warm or too cold, it can only make your job much harder. Ask if you can move your desk. It’s also a nice idea to make your working environment an extension of you, give it a personal touch. Decorate it if you are allowed to. Add pictures, a reed diffuser or stationary that you enjoy using. Make sure your desk stays clean and tidy too – tidy workspace, tidy mind.


Stop isolating yourself.

Sometimes all we need is a pal. Isolation makes us feel lonely. Stop going and grabbing your  tea or coffee alone. Why not go to the staff room for a coffee break with a colleague. Have a chat for 10 minutes about non-work related things, get away from your desk. We can get so used to sitting alone that we can finish our working day without barely speaking to anybody. It becomes such a habit that we don’t even realise! Chatting to others is a mood booster, and it’s also a nice way to

Self-care isn’t just for afterwork and weekends. We need to make sure we are looking after our bodies while we’re at work too. After all, we spend most of our time there! Do you practice any self-care at work? What are your favourite things to do to ensure mind and body wellness at work? Let us know!

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