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Is It Really Okay To Have A Side Hustle?

Are you happy living pay check to pay check?

If you’re not, you might’ve thought about starting up a side hustle. What’s a side hustle some of you may wonder? Well most simply, a side hustle is a business that  you set up on your own, to make your own source of income, alongside working your own existing job. It might be a small thing, like selling handmade items, such as homewares or crafts, or it might be a service, from cleaning, to technical repairs.

Do I really need to have a side hustle?

Well it’s not for everyone. Some people like to be constantly busy, others are quite happy working their 9-5 and going home to other things – family, friends, or hobbies. But having a side hustle can help you develop new skills and can look great on your CV too. Let’s look at some of the three most common reasons as to why more and more people are setting up their own side hustle…

side hustle, why should you set up a side hustle, side hustle business, side business

Reason 1 – Additional Income.

Wages haven’t been increasing for a good few years now but the cost of living continues to rise. While you might budget month to month to ensure everything is paid, we can confidently say that we’d all love a little extra money. Extra money to buy ourselves the occasional treat, our to treat the kids, or to put towards a big purchase like a holiday or a car. It’s natural to want to make more money. Having a side hustle can be the difference between a new wardrobe, or a few nights out with friends.

Reason 2 – Developing Your Own Business For The Future.

Some people want to work for themselves.  Maybe not right now, but they might want to down the line. A lot of people set up a side hustle while their working a regular job, to gain experience and build their brand until it’s ready to become their full time career. Your side hustle right now could be your big earner in just a few years time. Preparation is key, if you really want to make it into something big. A lot of women do this because they take time out of their careers to look after kids, they can still bring home some additional income to support their families.

Reason 3 – Educating yourself.

If you’re working for a company, it’s likely that you’re doing the same things day in day out. While that might be the dream for some people, it doesn’t quite satisfy others. Starting up on your own in a great way to learn the ins and outs of business. From how to set up a business, to understanding customers. It’s a never ending opportunity to learn new skills and build new networks. You’re never to old to learn.

side hustle, why should you set up a side hustle, side hustle business, side business

What Will My Employer Think?

Well really, that’s up to them. The bottom line is, as long as you’re not letting your side hustle merge into your regular job, we think it’s totally fine. There is nothing wrong with wanting to start up on your own and wanting to develop your own skills. If they get mad at you, that’s their problem! As long as your still focused in work, there should be no issue. If there is an issue, it might just be a good thing that you’ve decided to set something up on your own!


Have you every thought about setting up a side-business on your own? What is your side-business and what did your employer think? Let us know!


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