Kevin Rose – Guest Blog: “Leadership, Marketing, Business Issues & The Things That Keep You Awake At Night.”

Are Problems Within Your Dental Business Keeping You Awake At Night?

Today on the Blue Glove Jobs Blog, Kevin Rose of Rose & Co. is our guest writer. In this guest blog, Kevin shares his insights into taking control of the problems within your business. He discusses how to diagnose them and how to tackle them effectively to ensure your dental business is as successful as possible.


Solving Issues in Your Dental Business.

When I first started talking to and working with dentists 10 years ago, one of the common behaviours that I noticed is that practice owners tend to run their businesses like they treat their patients. Dentists are inclined to diagnose and fix the problem there and then. As a dentist, fundamentally it is your training, experience, knowledge and the detailed information available to you, that allows you to firstly diagnose and then fix the problem.

Now think about how you typically solve issues in your dental business. If you are doing so without the information that allows you to make a diagnosis, then of course you may get lucky and solve that issue. However, that strategy is potentially as dangerous as treating your patients with your eyes closed!

  • Your team are ignoring your vision?…spell it out yet again.
  • Gaps in your book?…jump in and do some marketing.
  • Need to change the behaviours of your team?…tell them what do and cross your fingers.
  • Losing your best staff?…stick another 50p an hour on their pay.

The typical list of issues that dental practice owners face goes on and on. In my experience that list hasn’t really changed much in 10 years. If your list of ongoing issues isn’t changing that much either, then perhaps it’s time to look at it from a new perspective?

Before taking action, make a proper diagnosis.  

Those that do discover how to fix the things that once kept them awake at night, haven’t done so without first making a proper diagnosis and that ability to diagnose comes from recognising the importance of stepping back and looking at the issue from different angles.

So, how can you do that? Well, training and getting the right information are one thing but experience and knowledge are time earned. That is why it is worth talking things through with somebody that has the necessary width of perspective and depth of experience to test your thinking, and to contribute towards you making better decisions.

Think about it for a moment, there probably is a business decision that you made recently, that could have been made better. Would it have worked out better if you had had the time and the ability to look at it from different angles?



 Get Insights.

I can’t promise that all of the leadership, marketing and business issues that keep you awake at night will go away forever. However, I do know from direct experience of working with dental practice owners, that there are some fundamentally different ways that those dentists who sleep easily at night are thinking, looking and diagnosing their business issues. It is these perspectives from which you will get insights, and from insight comes new thinking and from new thinking, better business decisions.

Sign up for the “Get Insights” CPD event.

Rose & Co. are hosting a full day “Get Insights” event in London in March 2019. The CPD event will benefit practice owners or any member of a dental team that would benefit from learning about the success of others, how they do it, what motivates them and how they just keep on going.

‘Get Insights’ will host five guest speakers who will help you get insights that will change the way that you think about your own dental business. They’ll discuss the ways that will keep you ahead of your competitors by owning, managing and leading a successful dental business.

You can find out more about the Get Insights event and sign up here:

Get Insights


You can also connect with Rose & Co. on social media here:

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Content Marketing WILL Help You Recruit The Right Person

Did you know that job seekers are 7 times more likely to apply to roles in companies that they feel they relate to?

These days, content is king, no matter if you’re looking to sell a product, show off your service or even recruit someone. That’s right, job seekers are hunting out roles in companies that excite them with great content. But how and why is this relevant to recruitment?

Today, we talk about why the humble job vacancy just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore and how content marketing is the key to attracting the right type of job candidate.

Your regular vacancy listing is boring , sorry.

If you’re guilty of using the same copy and paste job ad every time it comes to recruitment, keep reading.

A bland and over-used job ad is the reason you struggle to recruit good candidates and it’s that simple. A vague and boring job post won’t cut the mustard, especially if you’re looking for top quality candidates. Times New Roman, size 12 and poorly formatted isn’t going to draw candidates in. A job advert should be an extension of the company. Don’t give too much away, but give a flavour about what it’s like to work for you. This is a great way to cut off the deadwood before you even start receiving applications. The more specific you are, the less unsuitable applications you’ll have to rifle through.

We’re not saying it has to have widgets and slide shows and pictures and different fonts, sizes and colours, but it does have to be somewhat engaging. Here’s how you can do it successfully…

content marketing and recruitment, recruitment and content marketing, blue glove jobs, dentistry, dental recruitment

Step One:  Take a look at who you’re trying to recruit.

If you’re recruiting, there is a good chance you already know the type of candidate you’re looking for. Are they a team player? How much experience do they have? What matters most to this person in a job? Where do they look for jobs? Once you have established who the candidate is and where you’ll find them, it’s time to start your content marketing.

Step Two: Go ahead and create some content.

The type of content you create for your recruitment process will very much depend on who you’re trying to recruit. That’s why step 1 is vital. Then step 2 will help you decide on the type of content, tone & voice of content and location of the content.

  • TYPE OF CONTENT – Videos, blog posts, social media posts – what type of content are your ideal candidates most likely to engage with? Are they online or offline?
  • TONE & VOICE – Are you speaking their language? Using Jargon? Are you referencing things they’ll recognise in the job?
  • LOCATION OF CONTENT – One candidate might spend their days on Facebook, the other scouring job websites. You should share content to different channels to target different potential candidates.

Step Three: Share out your content marketing efforts and monitor the results.

Share out your content in your chosen platforms and monitor the results. How many good quality candidates have come through compared to before? How are people engaging with your content? If it’s not quite right, adjust the content. Share it elsewhere. And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from those who are already working for you. What are their thoughts on the content? Is it relevant and accurate to the business? Find out from the people who already work there!


content marketing and recruitment, recruitment and content marketing, blue glove jobs


Why not give content marketing a go? You never know, your recruitment process could take just a fraction of the time with a little bit of creative content targeted to the right audience!

And remember, you can post any dental vacancies on our website completely free of charge to compliment your content marketing! Let us know how you get on with our ‘content marketing for recruitment’ tips!

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How Can You Attract Candidates To A Vacancy?

Struggling to find someone for your vacancy?

Don’t worry, most people do find it challenging to attract people to their vacancy.

You might have put out what you thought was a sparkling job advert, describing the role and the person/people required perfectly. So why are you getting no candidates through, or getting candidates who don’t fit the bill? Today on the blog, we’re looking at how you can attract more, quality applicants to your job vacancy.

Mountains of Job Vacancies Make Your Job of Recruiting Much Harder.

The number of job vacancies in the UK continues to climb. More and more recruitment websites are popping up, and we can now even post job vacancies on Facebook! It is making it exceedingly difficult to pin down the perfect potential candidates. Securing talent is now harder than ever. So how can you make your job advert stand out to attract the correct candidates?


5 top tips for conducting a job interview, interviews, job interviews, recruitment

Make Sure To Cover All of The Basics.

Be sure to highlight all of the basics – the job title, the location, the role, the contract type and working hours. Outline your ideal candidate profile. Give an idea of the duties the candidate will be expected to undertake. You may also want to give a salary guide, and note any opportunities for progression.

is your cv application ready?, CV, recruitment, dental jobs, dental, jobs, career, CV, job application

Is your job application on brand?

We don’t mean you need to go and get your job advert professionally designed. A logo, a company tagline if applicable, should all appear somewhere in your job vacancy. Take a look at the tone of voice too, does it match your brand guidelines and replicate the feel of your company? If not, it’s probably time to get re-wording. Job adverts that are branded up well are 13 times more likely to receive quality applicants, as it allows them to understand the business and what they are looking for beforehand.

Don’t be afraid to highlight candidates you won’t accept.

If your vacancy requires certain qualifications or a certain amount of practical experience, highlight that. If you are looking for someone who has their own car with a clean driver’s license, highlight that too. It helps to weed out unsuitable candidates before they even apply for a role. Be clear in stating that candidates who do not meet these requirements will be rejected.

What are some of your top tips to ensure you hire the right person?

We’d love to hear what your top tips are for making sure you find suitable candidates. Let us know what they are in the comments, or hit us up on social media, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Four Lunch Time Activities To Boost Team Morale

Does everyone in your office bury their head into their phones at lunch time?

We get it. Lunch time might be the only time in the day you get a chance to sit down. You stuff your face, check your phone, put your feet up or flick through a magazine. Your colleagues pass a few comments here and there. Most workplaces don’t realise that lunch time is a great time for staff to come together.

Today we’re talking about some lunch hour activities that can help bring your team together and boost morale.

Get Up & Get Out.

Lunchtime walking is becoming a bit of a trend. More and more businesses are encouraging it, with some hailing it the meal-time mile. Staff are encouraged to get up and away from their desk, outdoors into the fresh air and walk for a mile. Whether it be round the office building, or a brisk walk around the block, it’s a good team activity.

Why? Well, firstly, exercise is good for everyone. Secondly, fresh air is good for you – it helps your brain re-focus and beats sitting in breathing in office air all day! Thirdly, its nice for everyone to get away from the office, even if it’s only for five or ten minutes – it gives you all something to talk about that isn’t work related. Oh and lastly, you can have an extra biscuit with your cup of tea since you’ve walked it off before you’ve even eaten it! Give it a go, it definitely beats going to the gym after work. Well, we think so anyway.

boost morale, staff morale, ways to boost staff morale

Let’s get quizzical.

Something we love doing here at Blue Gloves HQ is a lunch time quiz. A simple google search for trivia and we’re happy! It can be a really good laugh and helps you boost your general knowledge (always good if the staff night out is a pub quiz!). Who really is the smartest person in the office?! Only one way to find out.

Come Dine With Me.

This one is nice for a Friday lunch! Everyone in the team brings in a lunch time dish that can be shared out among staff. Kind of like an office version of Come Dine With Me. In the staff room, sit out all the dishes and pick away at what’s on offer! You never know, there might just be a closet Gordon Ramsay among you all… or not. There is always Dominos…

Game on.

Connect 4 or Snakes and Ladders anyone? Your lunch hour is a great time to break out the board games. It’s also a great way to spot who is the most competitive member of staff! Maybe not Monopoly though, we’re trying to boost morale here, not trying to cause and office war! Don’t fancy a board game? Bring out a deck of cards for a game of Scabby Queen or Pontoon.

boost morale, staff morale, ways to boost staff morale


How do you boost morale in your workplace?

How do you and your colleagues like to spend your lunch hour? Do you try to boost morale in your team at work? Let us know in the comments below, or chat to us on social media! @BlueGloveJobs!

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The Secrets To Keeping Your Employees Happy

Without your staff your business wouldn’t be able to run.

But are your employees happy? It is incredibly important that your staff enjoy their work. If they don’t, they’re likely to seek out a new job. Check out our top tips for keeping your employees happy, in order to retain them and build a stronger staff team.


Make work fun.

All work and no play makes us all dull! Organisations that allow a little fun now and again, with occasional joking around have stronger organisational cultures. When mistakes happen, people can see the funny side and are not just focused solely on the downside. It doesn’t need to come in the form of fancy lunches or nights out. Take time during the morning break or lunch hour to chill out and have a laugh with your colleagues.

staff morale, employee morale, are your staff happy?, keeping your staff happy, blue glove jobs

When work stops, it stops.

As a business owner, you can continue to work after hours if you want to, but don’t expect the same from your employees. If your employees are putting in the hours during the day, don’t contact them when they’re at home, enjoying their weekends or while they’re on holiday asking them to do extra tasks. A few emails or phone calls can wait until they’re back in the office. If for some reason the emails or calls can’t wait, why not send the emails or make the calls yourself? Are you paying your staff to do additional tasks at home? probably not. Your staff have lives outside of your organisation. Let them enjoy it.

Say thanks and acknowledge greatness.

One thing that keeps everyone going at work is praise. If one of your staff has worked really hard on something, let them know they’ve done well. Is someone is persevering with a mundane task? say thanks. If your staff recognise that you’re recognising their efforts, they’re more likely to be motivated to stick at it and work hard. Simply, if your staff feel under appreciated, it will show in the quality of their work and they might even leave.

Take a chance on them!

It is nice once in a while to give your staff new responsibilities and chances to prove themselves. Maybe there is a big project coming up, or some new smaller roles have opened up. Why not challenge your staff to step up to the plate? You should want your staff to progress, but you need to create those opportunities for them or they will go elsewhere to look for other opportunities. Take a chance on your team, and work alongside them to help move the entire business forward.

are your staff happy?, staff morale, employee morale


Encourage wellness among your staff.

The better an employee feels, the better work they will produce. Are your staff tired and overworked? Maybe they are unable to switch off? Are they getting the breaks they deserve? Maybe your staff are ill but are still coming to the office? Is the working environment uncomfortable?

If your employees are worn out, they can’t work well. Encourage wellness among your employees. Make sure they are not working for hours on end without breaks.  If your staff are working long shifts, consider letting them away a few hours early at the end of the week. Make sure their working environment is clean, fresh and comfortable.  These little things can make all of the difference to your staff and their morale.

Talk to your staff.

Communicate regularly with your staff. Allow them to feel part of the organisation. When was the last time you asked your staff for suggestions? When was the last time you asked your staff about and concerns they had? It’s easy to get caught up in the running of your business to the point where you forget what really matters – the people who keep it running.


So there you have it, our top tips for keeping employees happy! Are you guilty of overlooking your staff? Go ahead and implement some of our top tips and see if you can improve your staff relationships and morale!

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