4 Ways To Make Every Team Member Feel Included

Ever feel like there is one member of the team that doesn’t gel with the rest?


If you want your business to thrive, you need to get the best out of your staff. But, what happens when your staff don’t seem to gel properly? What happens when your staff have different shift patterns? Can you really find that happy medium whereby all of your staff work well together, and are all in sync?

Well…maybe. If you follow these top 5 ways to make every team member feel included!


  1. Are you communicating fairly and effectively?

Is everyone receiving the same message? Are you communicating with every member of the team? If not, you’re not including everyone. Of course, some staff might take nothing to do with a message for another member of staff. It might not necessarily directly affect their work, but it’s nice to stay in the loop. It helps your staff to see the bigger picture. There are hundreds of tools that make communicating with your employees easy. Email and phone seem like the obvious ones, but it might be an idea to utilise social media sites such as Facebook to create group chats for the entire team. No matter what communication tool you choose, make sure that all of your team has access to it and can use it effectively.


    2. Stop making all the decisions.

Give the power to the people! By people, we really mean your staff. Give the power of decision making to your staff. It doesn’t need to be major decisions, but giving staff the chance to make choices makes them like more than just a number. By showing an employee or employees that you truly trust and respect his opinions let him make decisions that will impact your company’s culture and future. A fresh pair of eyes on an decision might even open your eyes to better ideas, too!



   3. Encourage Those Less Confident.

In a team, there are usually a few big characters. Although they don’t mean to, they might overshadow those less confident. Some people are confident, others are more timid. It’s not a bad thing. In fact, it usually makes for a great team to have a mix of personalities. If you see someone with great potential reluctant to get stuck in, whether it be in small tasks, big projects or even team meetings, it doesn’t mean they’re a bad worker. Work closely with them and encourage them to come out of their shells. Make them feel included by giving them that little extra nudge.


4. Credit where credit is due.

Praise makes all the difference. Give credit where credit is due. If someone is doing well, a ‘well done’ won’t go a miss. If someone is going over and above for the business, let them know. Say thank you. Nothing brings employees together and motivates a team like a little bit of praise.


A great team can achieve great things. By making every team member feel included, you are likely to get the best from your staff.  For other top tips on recruitment, team building or team management – check out our other blog posts.

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