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Why is Our Job Vacancy Hard to Fill?

Been trying to recruit somebody for ages but just can’t seem to find a good fit?

Don’t worry, it’s actually quite a common problem. Almost 30% of job vacancies in the UK are now considered ‘hard-to-fill’. But why? If you’ve asked yourself “Why is Our Job Vacancy Hard to Fill?” this blog post is for you.  Today on the Blue Glove Jobs Blog we’re looking at why certain jobs are hard to fill, and why it might be your vacancy posting that is making people hesitant to apply for your vacancies.

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Why is our job vacancy hard to fill?

It truly just depends on the nature of the job. Some jobs are simply harder to fill than others. More often than not, you’ll be recruiting for someone with a specific skill set. You’ll be looking for someone with a set amount of experience. Instantly, you narrow down the pool of people who could apply by highlighting specific attributes that the worker needs. Maybe the role you’re looking to fill is highly specialised. Realistically, how many people have the necessary qualifications that you need them to have? Probably not that many.

Bear in mind, there are some jobs that people just do not want.

Why is Your Job Vacancy Hard to Fill? Well, there are just some jobs that people do not want. Maybe the pay isn’t high enough, or maybe it involves them doing things that they can do, but just don’t want to do. Perhaps the hours are long and unsociable or the job is in a bad location. Jobs that don’t appeal to people are hard to fill. More and more people are looking at how their work-life balance would be with certain jobs before applying for them. Don’t be shocked that people don’t want your job if it isn’t appealing.

how to get your cv noticed by employers, getting your cv noticed by employers, blueglovejobs, blue glove jobs, cv

Take a look at your vacancy listing.

If you’ve been trying and failing to recruit, take another look at your vacancy listing. Instead of asking your staff ‘Why is our Job Vacancy Hard to Fill?’ give them copies of the vacancy and ask them for feedback. What do they think? If your existing staff wouldn’t apply to that vacancy, bin it and start again. If it can’t attract people who already work for you, it needs to go. It’s often helpful to write the job description with another staff member.

Does the vacancy represent your business and what you stand for in the tone of voice? Is it an inviting vacancy? Does it read well? Have you included all of the necessary details? A vacancy is a candidate’s first impression of your workplace. Make sure it’s a good one.


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